The Bathroom Remodeling Project!!!
Spring (and Summer and maybe Fall) 2004


This is a picture of our bathroom before anything was done to it.

This is a picture from the other side. We will knock this wall out!



Linda, Wayne, and Susan, came out for the weekend to help us
demolish our bathroom. Jennie made the long trek from her dorm room
to help us also.


After close inspection, Wayne decided that the existing floor shouldn't be
built upon so . . . the floor came out to the DIRT!



Luckily, two very skilled craftsmen, Andrew and Wayne, get the base for the
floor in quickly.


Wayne and Andrew beginning the plumbing.


Still more plumbing!


After Wayne returned home, Andrew had a big job ahead of him . . . putting
it all back together again. He has part of the floor in here and is working on
toilet plumbing. Very important!


The floor is getting closer to being put in!


Here, Jaime is very excited (can't you tell) to be able
to finally help with something in the bathroom
. . . mudding the dry wall! Ugh!


The shower is going in and drywall is up.


The base floor is in.


Just before graduation Andrew installs the shower and the sink unit!


The lights and tile are next.


Next, we paint and put up some towel racks.


Finally, a toilet is put in (had to be new since it weirded Andrew out to put in
the old one) and our washer and dryer are move in to the bathroom.

As of September 21, 2004, the bathroom is still not completed. Trim and molding
have yet to be completed as well as blinds for the windows and other such
decorative issues. That doesn't stop us from using it, however!


Hopefully, in the near future, there will be finalized bathroom pictures to post here.