Wayne, Susan and Jennie came out to Sterling for Easter weekend to help us
remodel our office.This is the start of remodeling. No floor!

Another picture of the floor or . . . well. . . non-floor.


Unfortunately, Susan and Jennie were sick while they were at our house.
Our puppy, Dewey enjoyed the extra attention, however, even though
it wasn't fun for Susan and Jennie! :)

Andrew putting in the new floor.


Andrew and Wayne work hard on the wonderful new LEVEL floor.

The fun with drywall beings!


The room is drywalled.

After a year will an open stud wall Andrew and Wayne finish it off nicely
with drywall. Yeah!

Andrew and Wayne plot how they are going to put in the faux hard wood floor.

The new flooring is in!

Close up of the new floor!

A picture of us in the nicest room in our house! The office!