June trip to Ohio


The main reason for our trip was to be able to attend Andrew's cousin's
(Graham and Molly) graduations. Graham is graduating here.

Sorry Graham. I had to put this picture in. This is Wayne, Graham,
and Jaime after Graham's graduation.


This picture if of Molly's graduation.

This is a picture of Molly receiving her diploma. Unfortunately, they didn't
read her name off but at least that made her graduation memorable.


Andrew, Jennie, and Jaime spent the day at King's Island.


We enjoyed a lunch at the Five Star Maisonette in Cincinnati.
I think that is how you spell it.

After our lunch we went up onto Carew Tower to enjoy the view.
I wasn't sure on the spelling of this as well. Blame Andrew if it is wrong! :)


Dewey LOVED to nap on Wayne and Susan's soft new couches.