For my spring break 2005, I visited Jenny in Chicago/Wheaton for a long weekend.
Below are pictures from the trip.

Here is a picture of Lake Michigan from my airplane window.


On my first night in Chicago, we met Uncle Don and our cousin Rachel downtown
for a very lovely dinner at Restaurant 312. This is a picture of downtown at night.


The next morning, Jenny gave me a tour of Wheaton. This is a picture
in Wheaton's Wade Center. Jenny is pretending to be C.S. Lewis since this
is the desk he used to write the chronicles of Narnia.

More pictures of the Wade Center.

J.R.R. Tolkien's desk where he wrote Lord of the Rings
It was a gift from his wife.

A view of Wheaton campus.

The Billy Graham Center

We took a tour of the Billy Graham Museum. It was definitely a highlight
of the day.

More pictures from inside the Billy Graham Museum.

Here is a picture of the Cincinatti crusade that I was able to attend.
In the picture below you can vaguely make out a sea of red behind the stage.
That is where Andrew, his family, and I were sitting, in the choir.

More pictures.

I know this is a little blurry but I wanted my picture by the George Beverly
Shea recording studio located in the Billy Graham Center on Wheaton campus.

Here is a picture of me by a mural in the Beamer center on the Wheaton campus.

Here is a picture of the John Hancock building. Jenny took me to the top to get
the best view of Chicago. We enjoyed a yummy dessert and a sprite in the lounge at the top.

4th Street Presbyterian Church (I think that is the name. Correct me if I am
wrong, Jenny).

Here is a picture of Jenny and the Sears tower in the background at the top of the
John Hancock building.

A view of the city from the top of the Hancock building. The Sears tower
is in the background.

Another view.

Here is a great view from the bathroom at the top of the Hancock building.

Next we met up with Sasha and headed out for a view of Nav Pier. This
picture is looking back at Chicago from Navy pier.

This is supposedly where Oprah's Chicago apartments are.

Jenny and I on Navy Pier. A nice view of the city in the background.

A beautiful lighthouse located off of the east side of Navy Pier.

Sasha and me on Navy Pier with the lighthouse in the background.

We are about to dive into some Chicago style deep dish pizza.

Here's the pizza. Yummy!

Jenny, enjoying her pizza way too much! :)

My sister's birthday party took place while I was visiting. Sasha gave her this
slipper as part of her gift. Needless to say it wouldn't fit!

Here is Sasha helping Jenny try on the slipper.

Here is a picture of some of my sisters classmates at her birthday party.

I'm ready to visit again!